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Welcome to the support homepage of FastEcho. You will find the latest versions of  FastEcho here along with additional information from the author.


Version Information:

Current version: 1.46.1
Author: Tobias Burchhardt ( )


Registration keys are nowadays available free of charge on request!



FastEcho is one of the fastest tosser/scanner for the Hudson-Message base (formerly  QBBS-Message base) currently available and supports the JAM message base introduced with RemoteAccess 2.00 as well as Squish (introduced with Maximus CBCS) and the old standard *.MSG format. Further, the package contains all features needed to run a point or a node; smart NetMail-packing/routing included. Typically every step TOSS, SCAN and PACK is run in one pass, including packing and unpacking of mail-bundles, importing/exporting of mails and processing of AreaFix-requests.

It can be run with FrontDoor, InterMail, D'Bridge, BinkleyTerm and Portal of Power and has  currently been tested with FrontDoor 2.12, 2.20, 2.26, 2.32, D'Bridge 1.5x, InterMail 2.2x,  BinkleyTerm 2.5x, Portal of Power 0.6x and McMail 1.0g. Of course it will run with any  other mailer compatible with one of the above.


Main Features

  • To export the messages you have entered locally (or which were entered by a user of your BBS) from your preferred message base format to your uplink and (if you have any) downlinks by means of processing it for a later distribution by your mailer.
  • To process the incoming mail bundles received by your mailer, store the enclosed  messages in your message base(s) and forward them to your downlinks.


Other interesting features

  • Very fast and fully featured TOSSER/SCANNER for Hudson-(aka QBBS), JAM-, Squish-, and  Fido/*.MSG-Message base.
  • 3 types of executables: normal DOS, extended DOS (DPMI, faster and less memory problems)  and OS/2 32 bit.
  • Powerful internal AreaFix with 'Forwarding'-feature and automatic unlinking of passive  Passthrough-areas *registered version only*.
  • Dupe checking database with up to 131000 (DOS), 262000 (DPMI) and 524000 (OS/2) entries.
  • Internal networking and multitasking support for several environments.
  • Complete NetMail routing and packing, easy handling of multiple NetMail areas.
  • Supports Binkley style static netmail packing.
  • Nice Full-screen tossing mode.
  • Complete zone and point support. This applies to inbound as well as outbound mail.
  • Full ARCmail-security using passwords with 3 security levels and 2 different inbounds.
  • Complete HMB-message base-maintenance-utility with JAM and Fido/*.MSG support included:
  • Full-screen integrated SETUP utility:
  • Easy to use area grouping with assigned defaults, use defaults for each group in every  new area (manually or automatically created).
  • Automatic area-adding function with optional updating of your BBS Configuration files  (RA/QBBS/SBBS/ProBoard/TAG or Maximus).
  • Carbon-Copy-function, filters out special messages and copies them to special boards while tossing.
  • Usage of available EMS and XMS memory for data and file-buffers.
  • Compatible with the FTSC standards FTS-0001 as well as FSC-0039 and FSC-0048 and several  others.
  • Direct screen-writes, DESQview, PCMOS/386, Windows and OS/2 aware.

Minimum hardware/software requirements

  • An IBM PC, XT, AT or compatible, optimized routines for i386/i486/iPentium supported.
  • The DPMI and the OS/2 executables need at least a i386.
  • At least 500kB of free conventional memory and 2MB extended memory for the DPMI version.
  • Extended/Expanded memory suggested but not needed.
  • DOS 3.31+ or OS/2 2.x DOS compatibility box.
  • OS/2 2.x or 3.0 for the OS/2 executables.
  • FrontDoor 2.02/NC or 2.12/SW, FrontDoor 2.20c.mL, InterMail 2.29+, D'Bridge 1.53+,  BinkleyTerm 2.50+ or Portal of Power 0.61+ and optionally RemoteAccess 1.11/2.00/2.50,  Maximus 2.02/3.00, QuickBBS 2.76+, SuperBBS 1.17+, ProBoard 2.00/2.02 or T.A.G. 2.6d+ or  any other HMB/JAM/Squish or *.MSG compatible BBS software.
  • A Fido/*.MSG style NetMail-directory.
  • A HMB style message base (even if you don't use it, you have to define it and keep the  empty files in the HMB directory).
  • At least one of these de-/compression utilities:
    • PKZIP/PKUNZIP 1.10/2.04g
    • ARJ 2.30/2.41a
    • LHARC 1.13c/LHa 2.13
    • PKPAK/PKUNPAK 3.61
    • ARC 6.02
    • ZOO 2.10
    • PAK 2.51
    • SQZ 1.08
    • RAR 1.5x/2.xx
    • UC2 2.00
  • Optionally an extractor program that copes with different decompression programs like:
    • General Unpack Shell GUS 1.90 or later.
    • PolyXarc 2.1a or later.


The latest version of FastEcho can be downloaded in one of the following ways

  • Via the download page on our website.
  • Request the magic name FASTECHO, FE16 or FE2 from our Fidonet node at 2:2448/400